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Established in 2002, Dezhou Demax Building Decoration Material Co., Ltd (DBDMC) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of interior decoration materials in northern China, specializing in glass mosaic, glass block and vinyl floor.
Combining advantage of USA technology and Germany equipment, Demax galss block has fantastic function of compressive strength, impact resistance and thermal insulation. unique island mineral sand and zero pollution mining, achieve its’ super clear and crystal image. The color is never to change (greenish or yellowish) . The know-how formula make Demax glass block has strong fire rating ability. Normal glass block can pass 45 minutes fire rating test. Special glass block can pass 60-80 minutes fire rating test. More over, there is no any arsenic, mirabilite to be added in production. Demax glass block is the energy saving, environment protection, safe and healthy product for your decoration choice.





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